Dave Picking – Obituary

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by Michael Whitley

We were deeply sorry to learn of Dave’s sudden death. He was a long time Beagle Pup enthusiast, leading him to become a founder member of our Club. He served on the Committee at different times always offering his valuable and well considered advice.

Dave was a highly respected engineer with a long and varied career, He worked in industries as diverse as water supply, railways and aviation, He was involved in the TSR2 project and, more recently, the Apache Helicopter. His appreciation of good design, engineering and love of aviation led him to purchase Beagle Pup 100, G-AXMW, now at Audley End, and he had just rebuilt its engine.

He was a man of many projects and visiting his workshop one would find partially completed motor bikes, cars and aircraft. He also owned G-AVZM, s/n 1/005, a Pup seen in Beagle publicity material, now a project never completed.

Through his contacts he has been able to keep Pup owners in wheel hubs, brake discs and pads over the past 20 years. The Committee hopes to be able to maintain this supply.

His funeral was held at The Arbory Trust in Barton. Pete Wood represented the Club and made sure that Dave’s coffin was adorned with a photo of his aircraft. He was a quiet, private man to whom people listened with much respect. The Club is poorer for his loss and we extend our deepest sympathy to his friends and family.

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