Plans for 2024

We scheduled a modest number of events for next year. In addition to our now regular annual meetings, we also included a few shared events with other Clubs and organisations. Apart from the joint meetings with Auster and VPAC, we also welcome a renewed co-operation with the Kemble-based SkyHawks team (with Tony Blake, a member of a G-AWKO Pup 100 Ospray group and a fresh member of the Club, interacting with us on their behalf). SkyHawks is a group of pilot friends who get together to organise formation training and flying of Bulldogs, Chipmunks and Pups. They plan to extend the brief to ground-based commemorative or purely social events, though always flavoured with aviation theme. We hope we can compliment each other in our plans. SkyHawks activities are usually ad-hoc, thus no dates currently exist; they will be announced through our Newsletter, website and emails.
For the first time, we’re including dates of the Committee meetings.

Upcoming Events