A Brief History

The Beagle Pup 100 came first, designed from the ground up to be the training aircraft flying schools had always wanted. Despite early teething problems, the aircraft was exceptionally well received. The Pup 100 was quickly followed by the Pup 150, using a Lycoming powerplant instead of the original Continental O-200. It was always intended to use the design to compete for the new military trainer contract, and that was the reason that the Pup 150 was developed into the Bulldog.

The Bulldog uses many of the Pup’s airframe parts. The wing was stretched by introducing a through-fuselage centre section, the outer wings being virtually standard Beagle Pup with bigger tanks. Other major differences are sliding canopy, inverted fuel / oil systems and more powerful engine. The prototype Bulldog was constructed in 1969 by Beagle Aircraft, then Scottish Aviation took over the manufacturing after Beagle ceased trading.

Factory Photos

A selection of factory and early photos can be seen below with a link to the full photo album on Flickr.

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