Beagle Pups and Bulldogs hold a special and unique place in British Aviation, and they remain close to the hearts of our members who own and operate them, even after more than 50 years since the first flight of the prototype in 1968…

Founded in 1983, our Club exists to keep these delightful and exciting aircraft in flying condition, ensuring that they will still be flown and enjoyed by future generations.

This endeavour is supported by our very enthusiastic members, some of whom are qualified aircraft engineers, a hard-working committee and a number of very supportive companies who supply maintenance, engineering data and spare parts.

We are a great networking organisation of like-minded owners and enthusiasts from all across the Aviation community, including many from the original BEAGLE Company (the “Beagle Originals”) and there are many opportunities for you to be as involved as you wish.

Our aim is to develop the Club activities and facilities to always meet the needs and desires of our members, so please feel free to voice your suggestions! Your ideas are always welcome…

We hope you will join us at the events organised by the Club throughout each year. These move around the country and always include something of interest to the aviation-minded in one form or another.

Michael Whitley

Chairman, Engineering

Want to find out more?

We welcome enquiries from enthusiasts as well as owners. Our members come from across the UK. If you are interested to find out more about our club please get in touch.

Outings, Meetings and Events

Meetings and events enrich our experiences. To this end, we have set up our event calendar to facilitate meetings for as many Club members as possible. Some events are being planned to recur yearly, other will be added later as required to reflect special celebrations or accommodate fly outs shared with other Clubs. 

The recurring list of meetings (roughly one event a month, deliberately in different corners of the country) can be found under Social Calendar  The list of these fixed events contains little detail, mostly “when” and “where” information, just to help planning our diaries!

All confirmed events, fixed and added, complete with their details will be updated in the Upcoming Events pages, to reflect a full Club outings for the year.

Annual Events
Flying Hours

Member Benefits

  • Biannual Beagle News magazine
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Members Handbook
  • Access to the Club Forum
  • Engineering expertise
  • Contact with fellow ‘Beaglers’ through social media and numerous events

It’s my time to thank you and all others from BPBC for the great effort to maintain the Beagle & Bulldog legacy! I am very proud being a part of that select group.

Ricardo Crivelenti

Ricardo CrivelentiMember, PT-JZY, Brazil