Support & Engineering

Good first points of contact are our Club Membership Secretary, Eric Spencer or our Chairman Michael Whitley. They will either deal with your enquiry directly or put you in touch with the appropriate person. Alternatively (or in addition) you can post a question in the Forum (you will need to register first).
Due to the Military lineage, Bulldogs can be operated either on an LAA Permit to Fly, or on a full CofA via the TRA scheme operated by de Havilland Support Ltd. Pups, however, were always built as civilian aircraft and therefore do not presently enjoy that flexibility. There is a Committee Member assigned to manage the project to make Permits available to Beagle Pups, and we report on this via our Newsletter as progress is made…
No, due to insurance requirements the Club doesn't sell parts any more. However, we do maintain lists of available parts, so PLEASE use the Club Committee as your first point of contact when looking for a part!
As a Club: no, although a number of Members have gathered up stocks of parts over the years, some of which may be available to Club Members. As a Committee, we do have Members who look after parts supply, and will always try to find storage for spares so that they are not lost!