Most events are open to all members, and others. Since one doesn't have to be the Club member to be allowed as the Facebook BP&BC group member, many non members are aware of our events and generally speaking they are welcome to join us. However, some events that have limited numbers, or are ‘private’ may be closed to members only (their entry under the Events page will be clear about any conditions).
Not on a regular basis, but we promote some events that take place abroad, most significantly a yearly ‘BullChip Meet’, in Abbeville, France.
There are several events throughout the year. Some are organised by us, some are other clubs where BP&BC member are invited to participate. Please consult the Event page for the upcoming event list. We have decided to "anchor" a few dates, hoping it might be easier for everyone to plan their calendars. The "anchored" events are: 3rd Saturday in May – AGM (in 2022, it falls on the 21st May) 3rd Thursday in June – Afternoon Tea with Originals, Shoreham (in 2022, it falls on the 16th June) 1st Saturday in July – Deenethorpe BBQ with Auster Club (in 2022, it falls on the 2nd July) 1st Saturday in September – Audley End BBQ (in 2022, it falls on the 3rd Sep)
The Club tries to spread events across the country to give as many as possible the chance to attend. A number of events is shared with other clubs, such as Auster Club, or VPAC (Vintage Piper Aircraft Club).