How many events a year does the Club organise?

There are several events throughout the year. Some are organised by us, some are other clubs where BP&BC member are invited to participate. Please consult the Event page for the upcoming event list. We have decided to “anchor” a few dates, hoping it might be easier for everyone to plan their calendars.

The “anchored” events are:
3rd Saturday in May – AGM (in 2022, it falls on the 21st May)
3rd Thursday in June – Afternoon Tea with Originals, Shoreham (in 2022, it falls on the 16th June)
1st Saturday in July – Deenethorpe BBQ with Auster Club (in 2022, it falls on the 2nd July)
1st Saturday in September – Audley End BBQ (in 2022, it falls on the 3rd Sep)