Sep 10 2022
10 September 2022

VPAC Black Country Bash

  • Halfpenny Green, EGBO

With just under a week before the next meet, we have received the following reminder of the invite and the event’s details from VPAC’s Chairman, Richard Keech.

To quote:
“It’s not long now until our penultimate scheduled VPAC gathering of ’22 since it’s next Saturday, the 10th, we shall aim to meet for our “Black Country Bash” at Halfpenny Green.  Mind you, having said that, there’s nothing “Black and Smokey” about EGBO since the field is surrounded by countryside, villages and low wooded hills – altogether a pleasant spot where the locals are much looking forward to seeing us.
The details of the field are contained in all the usual flight guides and in the AIP as well as at www.wolverhamptonairport.co.uk and if you’re flying-in PPR should be available on 01384 221378 and in that call it’s worth mentioning that you’re for the VPAC meet. Also, after landing do mention to the AFISO that you’re for the “VPAC Parking Area” and then you’ll be directed accordingly.
If you plan on camping ‘neath your wing then this is absolutely fine, but do mention this in the PPR call. Also, “facilities” will be available for the campers after the field has closed for the night and, although the main gate to the airfield is closed at 1900 then the campers will be supplied with a gate code so that they’ll able to make the 10 minute walk to the nearby “Red Lion Inn” (01384 221237) in Bobbington village.
And that’s about it at this stage of the game. Of course, if it should prove necessary to slip the event to the Sunday then a message will advise this on Wednesday or Thursday, Having said that, the current long-range forecast looks OK…..but keep that to yourself right now!
So, it’s next Saturday that’s the primary day for the “VPAC at Halfpenny Green” where we’re looking forward to seeing you as well as our compatriots in the Beagle Pup and Bulldog Club to whom an invitation has been sent. However you choose to travel to H’Green, look forward to seeing you there where the VPAC values of “Flying, Fun and Friendship” will be there for all to see!
Cheers, Richard and the VPAC Crew.”