Jun 16 2022
16 June 2022

Afternoon Tea with the Originals

  • Shoreham, EGKA

BP&BC members are invited to Shoreham, for an afternoon tea… A few weeks ago, we promised an alternative date for our (now) yearly meeting at Shoreham. We have since agreed on the 3rd Thursday of each June, which this year falls on the 16th June.

As the restaurant is not taking any bookings (seemingly moving out soon), we may not be able to have a formal meal. However, in the spirit of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” mantra, we decided to meet up anyway! There is hope that we might be able to order some snacks and drinks on the day, alternatively, we might resort to Cafe 8 snack. If it comes to the worst, a local supermarket will be hastily located, closer to the date. But at least we will get a chance to catch up again, scones or not!

The event date is close to the longest day, no excuse for the pilots to miss it (though some may have this thing called ‘work’ get in the way).