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Over 150 Members who are spread across the globe.
Most events are open to all members, and others. Since one doesn't have to be the Club member to be allowed as the Facebook BP&BC group member, many non members are aware of our events and generally speaking they are welcome to join us. However, some events that have limited numbers, or are ‘private’ may be closed to members only (their entry under the Events page will be clear about any conditions).
In early 2022, we counted 20 members outside of the UK, with the largest group - 9 members - in the USA. Other countries represented in the Club are: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, France, Germany, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland!
Yes we comply with all GDPR regulations. Details included in the "Privacy Notice".
Biannual Beagle News magazine, regular Newsletters, Members Handbook, engineering expertise, access to members Forum, contact with fellow 'Beaglers' through social media and numerous events
'Members' and 'Originals'.
Contact the Membership Secretary -  - for an Application Form.
No, but you do need to be an enthusiast!
A full year is £30.00 for Members. Originals' membership is free.